Entrepreneurially-minded consultants

Urheber: ArTo, Fotolia
Urheber: ArTo, Fotolia

What makes the difference?


We make a difference: SAT provides consulting services based on practical experience. We are both consultants and entrepreneurs.

This way you can benefit from our many years of consulting and international operational activities in large companies. At the same time we also contribute our entrepreneurial expertise. We see things from an external consultant’s perspective and an entrepreneur’s internal perspective.

Practice-oriented problem solvers

We use the “helicopter perspective” for strategic considerations. Being down-to-earth decision-makers we help you put solutions into practice.

What practice means for us: We have a profound theoretical and strategic expertise. We don’t bother you with mere theory and endless PowerPoint slides. We provide clear and transparent solutions.

Compatible with all levels

When you are looking for a square and fair partner, we are the right company for you. We listen to all parties (at management level or operational level). This way we reciprocally provide solutions.


Our consulting services are based on many years of theoretical and practical experi-ence. That’s why we being entrepreneurially-minded consultants are familiar with all levels.

Jochen Wilckens
Jochen Wilckens



Stefan Pawils
Stefan Pawils



Well prepared

SAT has extensive experience in the cooperation with companies having to prepare for unexpected events and manage threats (e.g. nuclear power stations / conventional power stations, refineries).

Across sectors

SAT has managed numerous optimization and reorganization projects in different sectors and increased efficiency, reduced/limited costs and implemented customer orientation in companies.


The SAT team consists of engineers, management experts, computer scientists and lawyers. All of them are a doers benefitting from their operative experience.

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